The Muscle Factory Story:

What the Founders have to say…

abu new 04Being dedicated athletes ourselves, we founded Muscle Factory primarily out of an immense passion for sports, bodybuilding, and leading an active, healthy lifestyle. We wanted to create a brand of our own that would stand out as a Quality powerhouse when it came to supplementation and nutrition, providing a lineup of the finest products that the industry has to offer, exceeding expectations in terms of results and fueling the lifestyles of athletes, bodybuilders, and health & fitness enthusiasts alike.

Our values are summed up in our commitment to excellence, in both products and services. We are here to be a significant part of the community upon which we are founded and that's why we look at our team as a Support System & Knowledge Base for our clients.
Our mission is not only to ensure the availability of the best products out there, but to couple that with a firm source of guidance, inspiration and motivation. We ultimately aim to play a key role in enhancing and boosting our client's lifestyles and performance levels, and to facilitate their journey towards achieving their goals in the best way possible.

Team Muscle Factory

We've surrounded ourselves with a diverse team to say the least. Although each individual member is encapsulated with a specialty, they certainly excel in coming together as a team under one shared goal; which is to make a difference. And that's a goal which is definitely demonstrated on a continuous basis at Muscle Factory.
No one walks through our doors and leaves without gaining new insights or an intriguing idea to think about; and therein lies our uniqueness. Whether it's nutrition, strength or endurance training, old/new school bodybuilding, weight loss, or overall health, our team will always have significant knowledge to contribute and valuable guidance to offer on an ongoing basis. Our clients are always welcome to come back or contact our team for follow ups, tips, questions, or just a pep talk if needed!

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